2019 And Beyond


With 2018 behind us it’s time to look forward to the new year. It’s also a time to reflect on the past year, and many of you have been asking what happened to me for the months I was gone from the market. It was because I was going through a divorce, after almost 20 years of marriage my life was about to change drastically. The urban farm I worked so hard at for 5 long years was no longer mine, my home was gone and I was left with nothing. So I left and headed south to Kentucky and Tennessee, where I went backpacking and camping in the mountains. It was where I found peace again, and ultimately where the puzzle pieces of my life that I thought were now scattered started to come together without me even knowing.

I was born down south and had every intention of staying and starting my life over there, but I think fate had other plans for me. I fully believe things happen for a reason and I was meant to stay here in South Bend, the place I’ve called home for 26 years. Because every time I’d find a place to live or farm it would fall through, and I was slowly running out of money. It was when I was starting to run out of options that a close friend said he had a house for me to buy if I came back home. The house is basically the same amount of land I had before and is only 5 blocks from the farmer’s market. And it’s now where I call home. I also had the opportunity to help a friend who was also going through a divorce have a home as well because I had an entire upstairs I wasn’t using. So yes, I was meant to come back, my family is here, my friends are here, and the community here that has supported me farming has meant the world to me.

So what’s the plan for the new farm? Well so far my greenhouse is up, I’ve got chickens again, and I have a strawberry bed planted. I’m slowly converting my garage into a work space and walk-in cooler as well as a classroom where I’d love to teach more right on site. I’ve created a basic layout of how I want everything laid out but that usually changes as you start creating everything. Currently I’m at the farmer’s market on Thursdays and Saturdays because of my work schedule, where once again, as I was saying with things happening for a reason, I’m back at Good Shepherd, a job I absolutely love.

I have a lot of ideas rolling around of things I’d like to do but with it just being me things will take some time. I am looking for interns for this coming season if you’d like to help or know anyone interested in urban farming. I’m also interested in classes everyone would like me to teach, I’ve done so many over the years that I’d love some input from you. Also any specific vegetables that you’d like me to grow, let me know now so I can order seed!

2018 was a bit of a roller coaster for me, but 2019 is here and I couldn’t be more excited for the new year and what it has in store. I don’t plan on going anywhere any time soon, just growing South Bend Homestead Urban Farm like I was meant too. : )


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